Chores! Apk Download For Android Latest Version {Updated 2020}

Chores! Apk Download For Android

Welcome back to another new article. Today’ we are going to talk about a casual game which is called Chores!. This is an exciting casual game that will let you be chores which are going to be great fun.

Being chores never had fun as you experience in this game. You will have many fun things to do after being it. Are you one of them who wants to get dirty while doing some work, especially those types of work which no one other wants to do? then this game is for you.

This game has been developed for those who actually want to do something and let others see the amount of work that you can do. The type of work, that was not even interesting for others.

It is not a type of game that you were expecting. This is not like other generic cleaning games where you will be provided some cleaning tasks which you have to complete in order to gain progress in the game.

However, this game will provide you different types of chores that will test your skills. They will check your level of expertise in being a chore and for how long you can do that particular work.

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Some of the examples of tasks that you have to complete in this are like, you will have to find the right matching sock with the given one, you have to time your pour in order to correctly get the bowl, etc. These are just some of the examples from where you can understand the type of work that you have to do for establishing you as one of the best chores.

You will be tested in a lot of different unique ways. This game will check your ability to show the other people that you are the one who has the ability to be the right chores. And to get this establishment, you have to perform your duties with the right approach and incorrect way.

So, now you have an overview of the game i.e. how the game was going to be? what types of tasks will be given to you? and what you will get after finishing those tasks.

Now, we will see the features of this game that differentiate this game from others available in the market. And, you will also get the download link to download this game. So, without wasting more time, let’s see some of the features of this game.

Chores Apk Features

This game has some simple but as well as addicting mechanics in which you have to swipe to clean or drag to match. These mechanics will keep you addicted to this game.

The second feature of this game is its beautiful graphics. You will say how lifelike it is! But you will get this feeling only if you were actually going to clean up the real messes.

There are a variety of game modes that were currently available in this chores apk. But you don’t have to worry if you finish them because new game modes were constantly getting added.

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These are some of the features of this game. There are many more were going to be added in the further updates which you will definitely enjoy.

You will get to know many more things about this game after you install it on your device. So, what are you waiting for? Just install this game on your device, have chilled, and have fun.


Now you know most of the things about this game. You know the type of game, the levels of this game, how you can approach them, and about the features of the game.

If we want to know whether this game is a complete fit for you or not, then you have to think, whether you are like ironing, cleaning, washing, mowing, raking, tidying, or just don’t like seeing a dirty toilet.

If you like any of the things mentioned above, then this chores game is for you. You don’t need to know anything else related to this game. You are going to enjoy it.

If the above link not working, then please let us know in the comment section below! We will update this link as soon as possible. Also, keep visiting ApkModerz for such awesome Apk’s. Thank you and see you in the next one (:

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